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Modalities The modality of your Sun sign reflects your preferred mode of operation. Your sign represents the start of a Aries, new season and, similarly, you like Cancer, to initiate new plans and projects. Cardinal Libra, You may find it easy to respond to Elements Capricorn changing circumstances and love The element of your Sun sign shows your primary motivating the thrill of a deadline or challenge.


Using the chart below, see whether you need action or Your gift is follow-through and feelings, or whether you want to discuss new ideas or prefer to Taurus, completion, as fixed signs always create security. Leo, stay the course. You can be slow to Fixed Scorpio, change and sometimes stubborn As a fire sign, you love action and thrive on Aquarius but, when you make a commitment, Aries, Leo, a challenge. You may have a competitive you see it through.

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Fire Sagittarius edge but youre also great at motivating and Variety, change and new inspiring others. Youre Gemini, adaptable, flexible and easily Virgo, Mutable distracted. You may love learning, Security and stability may be important to Sagittarius, Taurus, knowledge and adventure. You may you. Earth evokes a solid, enduring quality Pisces Earth Virgo, have trouble staying put or seeing that makes you reliable and always there for Capricorn things through.

Curiosity, conversation and sharing ideas Ruling planets Gemini, are high on your priority list. Youre drawn There are 10 planets in the astrological pantheon: seven that Air Libra, to information and innovation and may are visible to the naked eye and have been used since antiquity, Aquarius enjoy socialising, networking or any chance plus three modern inclusions.

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The Sun and Moon are included to brainstorm. Knowing your ruling planet provides you with extra Youll lead with your heart and prefer to information about both your personality and your own cycles. Cancer, follow your feelings. You can be intuitive, If your patron planet is under pressure, you too will feel the Water Scorpio, emotional, sensitive and psychic, so pinch. On the flip side, when your ruling planet is receiving Pisces developing an outlet for your mystical or blessings, this also has a flow-on effect.

The ruling planet for each sign is listed below. Aries Mars Action, leadership, energising. Gemini Mercury Curious, informative, ideas. Leo Sun Bold, confident, charming. Mars ancient Determined, driven, Scorpio Pluto modern quiet achiever Optimistic, inspirational, Sagittarius Jupiter Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces open-minded Responsible, mature, Capricorn Saturn hardworking Your element and modality show Aquarius Saturn ancient Logical, visionary, free thinker Uranus modern what motivates you, and how you Jupiter ancient Compassionate, generous, Pisces go about getting things done.

Neptune modern kindness. Overview side business or further develop an online You may also be more emotional during Your ruling star, Mars, covers just one third work opportunity.

Working with than usual. In turn, this can help you narrow and you consider an alternative approach your feelings and dealing with the past can be your focus or even specialise in one or two to cashflow. An unusual or unconventional cathartic and healing during this time.

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  6. Rather than try to do money strategy may be a perfect fit. Dont let A welcome breakthrough will be possible or have it all this year, set yourself a limited fear around how things should be stop you or you may experience fast-paced progress number of goals, and then devote your best seeing an exciting but quirky opportunity. Trust your instincts and efforts to achieving them. Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8 can work to create the home and family dynamics Youll also get an in-depth period of help you better invest for the future, like of your dreams.

    Sweet Venus enhances romance, love and You may notice you want to do less or You may also partner with a well-established relationships from June 13 to July 10 and move at a slower pace then. Your powers of While retrograde, Mars will pass over the you need to take a professional opportunity to attraction will be strong, so use the magnetic karmic South Node three times, highlighting new levels.

    This can Jupiter in Scorpio may bring you luck with someone new or reconnect with your partner. Your You also have the Libra New Moon, on stuff. You might also want to release pain or partner may also receive a windfall or bonus. October 9, to mark a fresh start in your fear from the past or let go of old baggage. You also have Mars in Scorpio, until closest partnerships. Try to look to the future Mars retrograde on the South Node can bring January 26, to help you tackle a financial rather than get hung up on the past then.

    The combined influence of Mars Fresh cosmic energy can bring a new partner reconnect with any forgotten talents or and Jupiter in Scorpio is rare and may or make it easier to agree on a plan for the dreams, and to reclaim the qualities, friends bring financial results for an investment or future with your significant other. January is a great Love goddess Venus does have a true potential. Mars will conjunct the South time to set your money goals for the next retrograde, or backwards, cycle in If Node on June 8, July 22 and September Venus returns Uranus enters Taurus and your 2nd House into focus mid-year.

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    The next seven May 19 to June 13, highlighting fun, affection resolution to a long-running relationship years, as this longer trend unfolds, can bring and support with family. You might host a matter. Relationship plans that are put on new financial freedom, especially if youre family get-together, redecorate your home, hold earlier in the year may be rescheduled prepared to find innovative ways to earn and or simply spend more time developing and or finalised during November. The extra flexibility and autonomy. You will want New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July You may also needs of this stage of life, or finally be honest work towards a career transition you have become more entrepreneurial, start up a with a family member.

    August or early September. New confidence can help you book a trip to Itll be important to be firm about your a new or exotic destination. If you want to focus and not let others railroad you with take a course, teach or generally expand your their plans for your career. With the combined knowledge in some way, let the courage of might of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Mars inspire you to get started. A A new year cycle of adventure and thoughtful plan that you execute step by discovery begins on November 8 when step can help you radically and permanently Jupiter starts a year-long tour of Sagittarius.

    Professionally, international opportunities Professional power dates in include may arise or work-related travel and study January 8, 9 and 24, April 2 and 26 and may be highlighted. Personally, your thirst for December A dream to live life to the full, or experience more of Happiness and children the richness life has to offer, may prompt you Your 5th House, to do with happiness, to consider wild ideas like taking an extended children and enjoying life, is one of your most holiday, travelling around the country or Your career is top active chart sectors in With Jupiter in Sagittarius, there A Full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo on are no limits to where you can go or what you priority for , January 31 can help you reconnect with your can learn.

    This might prompt you Logistics for travel, study, teaching or a writing project may need reworking in Capricorn. Note November 16 to December 1.

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    This will be a Saturn visits Capricorn and your 10th what you spend time doing near this eclipse great time to change your regular routine House of Honours, Career and Success these events are clues to your happiness. You may be Youll want to make extra time for fun or time or budget only permits a day trip here or singled out for a professional achievement, to spend with children mid-year. You have the there. If there are delays with travel or study as others want to acknowledge your Sun in Leo, July 22 to August 23, including during this period, second chances will be wisdom and experience.

    Internally, you a Leo eclipse on August 11, to help you step possible from December 13, when Mercury may be drawn out of your comfort zone away from responsibilities and enjoy the good rights himself in Sagittarius. The second half into roles that ask you to be the expert or life. This would be an ideal time for a family of December will be a great time to head off share the knowledge you have accumulated holiday, to plan extra activities with your on an end-of-year break, with travel dreams throughout your working life. Or, Saturns connection to time can also bring welcome progress regarding plans Friends, networks and groups help you be honest about a career you have around children.

    You may hear happy news Your social networks may be in flux thanks outgrown or no longer feel inspired by.


    An to a Mars retrograde in Aquarius, from June Saturn in Capricorn can help you opportunity a child in your life receives then 25 to August You might take a break from restructure your professional life in terms may lead to whole new world for them. Social plans may be time management. Take time to think tour of Leo and your 5th House of Happiness delayed or crossed wires may lead to a last- deeply about major life and work goals, and and Children, activating this area of your life minute change of plans.

    Plans are likely A Mars retrograde in your social sector meet them. Expect friendships to be a Your professional dreams get a boost Mercury moves backwards goes retrograde big theme with Mars on an extended tour during a helpful sextile that forms between from July 25 to August Double-check of Aquarius, from May 16 to August 13 and lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto, on January details to avoid crossed wires then, with September 11 to November This unusual 16, April 14 and September The right children and in a dating or romantic emphasis can help you gain a deeper business partner, funding partner or investor situation.

    You may be ready to cut ties with people goals to new heights then.

    An alliance built retrograde. If so, dont be shy about asking or social networks you have outgrown, both in on integrity and a shared vison can help you for more detail.

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    By early September, Mercury will have Others may look to you to take a In , Mars will also tour Capricorn and helped you examine your desires and leadership role in social settings or within a you may be most productive at work, or find reacquaint yourself with rituals for happiness. Take a moment youre impatient for professional progress, to think before you leap, though the from March 18 to May 16 and August 13 to Adventure and discovery people you associate with in can help September If you hit any delays at work You may be restless for a change of scenery motivate you or zap your energy, so making a during May, you will get a second chance or or an exciting adventure with Mars in thoughtful choice will be best.

    If you dont get. A friend may surprise you with an unexpected request or offer when Mars links to Uranus in Taurus on May 16, August 2 and September If so, keep plans and promises flexible.