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The day of Winter Solstice is around December 23 in the western Gregorian calendar.

As a result, Chinese New Year might fall in the second half of January or the first half of February. Chinese calendar combines lunar, solar and color-animal Stem-Branch counting systems. The lunar counting system mainly is to count the lunar month. The solar counting system is to count the year and solar month for agriculture activities. The color animal is to count every single solar day.

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Chinese Calendar of February 2020

In the beginning, color animal counts only for the day. Later, Five Element scholars applied color animals on Year and Month cycles. The Chinese calendar needs to assign a unique animal name for each day inside the lunar month. For example, the Chinese calendar of the year has two 7th lunar months.

A lunar month contains 29 or 30 days. Therefore, the Chinese calendar needs 60 different animal names to make every single day unique for the case of leap lunar month.

To make the 60 unique color animal names, the Chinese add the name of Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth, on the top of animal names. That's why each Chinese year has a color animal name.

When is the Chinese New Year?

The first sign of 60 color animals is the Green-Wood Rat, which can be found in and The first day of the animal year is different from the Chinese New Year's Day. The animal year starts on the first day of the Tiger month. Tiger month begins from the day when Sun enters the ecliptic degree position, which is around February 4 Gregorian calendar.

That means the animal month is a solar month, not a lunar month.

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This is why many people who born in January or February confuse about their animal sign of the birth year. To verify the exact animal sign of birth year goes to use the free online Chinese Astrological Animal Sign page. The following Chinese New Year Dates are calculated based on China time zone, which is east longitude degree time. Chinese Celebrate Chinese New Year festival for 15 days.

They prepare Chinese New Year's eve and festivals for a month-long. To understand the Chinese New Year Festival we need to learn from Chinese culture, geography, and religious first. The following articles provide detail information about the Chinese New Year celebrations, decorations, songs, food, parades, activities, stories, horoscopes, and the Chinese Lantern Festival. Please recommend chinesefortunecalendar. Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. When is the Chinese New Year? New Year.

Panchang for February 5,

China will be years old. The last day of the festival is the Chinese Lantern Festival , which is on Saturday, February 8, People whose Chinese horoscope birth chart has a weak Water element will have good fortune in It's required for your birthday and birth time. For more information please review our cookie policy.

This Year has special significance in Chinese culture for the reasons: Golden Rat appears once in sixty years and its occurrence is more significant in as it is coinciding with the completion of two decades of 21st Century.

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